How To Be Sweet To Your Girlfriend And Still Be A Man

If you are asking how to be sweet to your girlfriend, it is a good sign that you want to keep her happy. Keeping a woman happy is not always easy but with a little work and effort, you will be fine.

So what can you do? Telling her you love her is one step but avoid over saying it as the words become meaningless. Try telling her in other ways such as leaving a note under her pillow or sending her a message when she is not expecting it. You could send her a card despite the fact it is not her birthday, your anniversary or any other special occasion. Make a list of all the reasons why you love her and stick it somewhere like inside her fridge or just inside the washing machine. She may not notice it for a few days but when she does she will light up like a candle.

Find a book of poetry and write her out a love poem. She will love it. When you are out and about, put your arm around her waist as it shows that you are proud to be seen with her. If she is upset, listen to her and try to reassure her without giving her the impression that you don't think she will be able to sort out the problem on her own.

Complement her not just when she has dressed up for a special occasion but when she is just lounging around relaxing. Find things that you love about her, the way she fixed her hair, her long sexy legs, the back of her neck etc and tell her how lovely she is. Girls love complements especially when they are not expected. If she is trying to lose pounds, tell her she looks really slim today.

Never put your girl down or make unkind remarks about her even in the middle of an argument. Sure, sometimes is it hard not to get personal but try your best. Apologize if you do say something hurtful and don't do it again.

Don't forget to tell her how happy she makes you and how much your life has improved with her in it. Arrange surprises for her. Take her to a chick flick or a musical or the theater even if you would prefer to have your eyeballs stapled. Doing things for the lady in your life will end up making you both happier. Shared memories make relationships stronger and help you both get through the bad days.

In case you run out of ideas on how to be sweet to your girlfriend, find a great book on relationships or continue reading my blog articles for new tips. If you really love this woman you don't want to lose her over something silly. Women leave men for all sorts of reasons and cheating is only one of them. They leave if they feel unappreciated or taken for granted. Don't let this happen to you as great partners don't come around every day.


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