How To Be Affectionate With Your Wife or Even Your Girlfriend and Keep Her

Falling out of love can happen to all couples regardless of how strong their relationship was. In order to recover the magic, you need to learn how to be affectionate with your wife or even girlfriend. There are different ways of learning. You can ask an older man in a successful relationship for some advice. You could talk to your friends but do yourself a favor and only listen to the ones that are happily married and that are involved in a strong steady one. The others are single for a reason. Or you could buy a great book, read it and put the theory into practice...which is a start!

Women are often complex creatures but the majority just love it when you show affection. Now I mean real affection and not just a pre sex hug and you start going at it. Sex is a different animal to men and women. To be in a committed relationship, women often use sex to show affection and appreciation whereas men are less likely to think that deeply about it. They may just care whether it is any good or not or if it is even available at that time. If a woman is hurt or upset you can usually gauge it from the warmth of the response she shows to your advances. If she usually initiates making love but hasn't, you can bet your last dollar there is something wrong. It may not be your fault but she may be holding you responsible anyway, I know it can be tough to figure out.

If you read any decent book giving any kind of advice on relationships, you will know that one way to get more sex is to do more around the house and not leave everything to your other half to finish. Another way is to show her affection when she least expects it. Hold her hand while on a walk, take her shopping, pick her up from work if it's raining or buy her flowers even though it isn't her birthday or your anniversary. Arrange to spend time together doing something that the two of you love.

Most romantic partnerships don't break down because of affairs or other huge events - but because the little things are missing you start to see relatioship issues. If you feel that you are drifting apart, get some help and advice on how to put everything back on course. Don't ignore the signs of unhappiness hoping they will go away. Women can easily feel ignored and taken for granted and you may only be distracted by your job or financial situation. She may feel that you must have another woman on the side in your life as you aren't showing interest in her any more... Or perhaps she is feeling used. Be honest, is the only time you show her affection are those nights when you are hoping sex is on the menu?

So how do you get the love back into your relationship? There are many ways but perhaps one you could try is to pretend you are dating again. How did you treat your wife or girlfriend when you first met? if Shes is still with you, either your worth it or you must have done something right. Women give men a whole lot of chances to get this relationship thing together, but sometimes a long the way we get triped up.

You need to find out now how to be affectionate with your wife or girlfriend or perhaps you can talk to one of your friends who went through the same problems that your having right now. By reading this article your heading in the right direction!


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