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Is Writing Letters To Get Your Ex Back Really A Good Idea?

Here is a question that people have all the time.  Is writing letters to get your ex back really a good idea?  There are many people that write letters, text messages, e-mails and just about every other form of text-based correspondence that you can think of on a daily basis.  Many of these people will resort to that form of communication when trying to get an ex-lover to fall in love with them again.

In order to truly comment on how effective this method is, we need to examine both the good points and the bad points about it.  The good to writing letters is that they will allow you to express feelings that you might not otherwise be able to express.  There are plenty of people that can say more in text than they’d ever be able to say verbally.  So if letters are helping you with the communication process, they can definitely be a good thing.

On the other hand, letters are also quite impersonal.  People that are broken up with over the phone, over an instant messaging program, through…