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I Miss My Ex - What Should I Do

Are you thinking 'I miss my ex' after a painful relationship break up? If this sounds like you, then you're not alone. Missing your ex is a normal part of the grieving process after any break up, but some women  longing to see their ex one more time goes much deeper than simply missing the companionship.

In these cases, women can feel as though they have missed out on their chance at true love. If this sounds like you and you find yourself saying 'I miss my ex' then there may be some things you can do to win back your relationship.

Even if you think you've tried everything you can to get your ex back, perhaps you need to reconsider your tactics, as some of the things you might be doing could potentially be pushing him even further away. Some things women try in order to get their ex to realize how much they miss him can often make him run the other way instead of coming back to you.

These things can include calling him and telling him you miss him and you lov…

My Relationship Rescue Remedy

Many people begin searching for relationship rescue tactics to try and bring back the spark they once had with a partner when the magic begins to fade. Over time, most relationships grow and change from the loving, romantic bond into a steady routine of daily rituals and habits. In some cases, those habits can make one or both people in the relationship feel as though they're being taken for granted.

Some people may find that they're arguing more often than they're enjoying each other. Others may find that there's nothing left to say to each other or they simply fall into a daily pattern where everything else seems more important than the relationship.

Your relationship doesn't have to be this way.

Often the first avenue many people try in order to re-kindle a relationship is to try and bring back some of the romance. Intimate dinners and provocative lingerie are nice physical attempts at bringing you closer again, but they don't address on the inner, emotional …

How To Stop A Divorce

Are you worried that you might not be able to find ways how to stop a divorce? If you're like most people, you would have tried everything you can think of in an effort to keep your relationship and stop it from falling apart.

Unfortunately, if you're also like most people, some of those things you've been doing to try and figure out how to stop a divorce are actually pushing your partner further away.

Here are some of the things most people do when they think they know how to stop a divorce.


Most people try hard to tell their partner that they'll change. They reassure them that if they stay in the relationship, things will be different. If you've been pleading with your partner to stay and reassuring him that everything will be better, then you could be pushing him further away.

2.    Desperation

The majority of women trying to stop a divorce tell their partner over and over again 'I love you'. They want him to see how much they care in the ho…

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Many people find that once the relationship has broken up, there may still be some signs that your ex wants you back.  Sometimes people end relationships for the wrong reasons. This could be because of an argument that led to them saying something they didn't really mean, or it could be because they ended up taking the relationship for granted.

If your relationship has ended and you're wondering if those signals you're receiving are signs your ex wants you back, then there are some things you should think about. There are some men who only want to keep in touch so they can get what they need from you when they want it. However, there are some specific signs that your ex wants you back instead of just wanting to get what he can get.

It's important that you distinguish between real signs and things you hope to see. Some women love their partners so much their imagination helps them to visualize their partner making positive signals to get them back. While it's easy …

How To Save A Relationship by Taking Baby Steps

Well the good news is that if both of you are agreeable, the actual process of how to save a relationship is fairly easy.  If both of you still want to be life partners then you know that you love each other - but for some reason are finding it hard to communicate right now.

Life gets in the way of relationships. There is no two ways around that. Unfortunately we are all guilty of taking our loved ones for granted. We can spend time sorting out our kids problems, our friends problems perhaps even those of our work colleagues only to arrive home in a heap exhausted. We often assume that our partner can read our mind and know that we love and care about them.

But no matter how secure someone is, if they constantly feel or are made to feel that they belong at the bottom of a very long list of priorities, they may leave. Feelings of resentment can grow over time and become rather like a snowball - small to start but soon takes on huge proportions.

The first step would be to arrange a nigh…