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Thinking Of Divorce Save Marriage With A Marriage Counselor

Are you thinking of divorce? Save marriage by seeing a marriage counselor. There are many therapists who say they do marriage counseling, but how do you know which ones are really good? This article will give you a checklist of things to look for in a family therapist.

First of all, you want to see what their credentials are. There are three basic classes of counselors.

The first is the Ph.D. or Psy.D. level counselor. These people went to graduate school for a minimum of five years and wrote a dissertation. In addition, they performed a minimum of 3000 hours of therapy under the supervision of an experienced psychologist. In order to legally call yourself a “clinical psychologist” the person must have a doctoral level degree. Ph.D.’s are often more academic in nature and tend to do scholarly and forensic work along with therapy.

Then there is the M.S.W. This means Master of Social Work. Social Workers are trained to apply social theory to specific situations. They can work in…

Moving On

Bernice knew it was time to be moving on. Break up with her boyfriend Earl had just happened. She knew there was no chance of getting back together, so she had to get on with her life.

First, Bernice tried talking to her friends about the break up. At first, they were sympathetic. But soon, they became bored with the topic and wanted to talk about their own issues. Bernice became frustrated at their lack of support.

Her mom, on the other hand, couldn’t talk about anything but Earl. She thought Bernice was insane to let him get away. It sometimes seemed like her mom had been more in love with Earl than Bernice ever was.

After a few weeks, Bernice decided to go to a therapist for five sessions. Over the course of a few weeks, she began to identify the problems which had led to the break up and plan out a strategy for moving on.

The first thing she did after the break up was to get rid of all of Earl’s things. Some, like the leather jacket he loved, she gave back. Other things like…

Getting Over Break Up When Your Heart Is Broken

Few things are more painful than having your heart broken.

Both men and women experience the pain of breaking up. Sometimes you are the one who called it off and other times your ex did, but in either case, there is pain on both sides. And, sometimes the break up happened for good reasons while other times it seemed to go up in a puff of smoke for no reason at all. These can be the most painful of all.

If you don’t go about getting over the break up though, there can be some serious consequences. Don’t fall into the trap of lingering over a lost love. The worst trap of all is to start to write a “victim story” that makes you the protagonist in a tale of love gone bad.

First of all, you should realize that if you don’t get over your ex, it will be toxic to any future relationship you might have.

Second, realize that you can’t run away from it, medicate it, or suppress it. You have to face the pain head on and deal with it.

There’s no way out of a broken heart. There’s only a way thro…

Did Your Girlfriend Break Up With You?

Did your girlfriend break up with you? You are not the first guy to go through this. In fact, girls initiate three quarters of the break ups while guys only dump the girl in one quarter of the situations. Therefore, guys have to deal with being dumped far more often than girls do.

Compounding the problem is the impression that men are supposed to deal with their emotions stoically. While women are allowed to dissect every part of their relationship, men are expected to roll with the punches.

But this doesn’t mean that men don’t have emotions. They hurt when women dump them. A girlfriend break up is quite painful.

First of all, men tend to place more value on stable relationships than women do. While a man might be interested in a fling with a woman who is not his girlfriend, what he really wants is someone who will be there in good times and bad.

But, once your girlfriend has dumped you, it’s important to figure out how to pick up the pieces and go on with your life.

First of all, y…

What Can Save My Marriage - When Everything Seems Hopeless?

Marriage is considered a sacred institution by most of the world’s religions. It is the foundation of the family, which, in turn, is the foundation for society. So, there is a lot of emphasis on saving a marriage.

But that doesn’t mean that marriages today don’t run into trouble. The changing roles of men ad women, financial pressures, and difficulties with children all make it hard to make marriages work.

So who do you turn to?

Perhaps the best place to look is the institution that values marriage more than any other – the church.

While a clinical psychologist or licensed family therapist will take an individualistic approach to marriage counseling, a pastor will focus on making the marriage work in a holistic sense. Over all, this has a better chance of actually saving the marriage.

Why is a pastoral counselor better than a secular therapist?

A secular therapist’s education focuses almost entirely on treating individual psychopathologies. Even “Marriage and Family” designated counsel…

Advice On A Boyfriend Break Up

Have you just broken up with a guy? Are you lost without him? Do you wonder if you can get him back? Here’s some advice about a boyfriend break up.

First of all, decide whether the relationship is truly over. Until you are able to say that he is part of your past and not your present and future, you will not be able to move on.

This is not to say that you have to put him in the past right away. There are a number of steps you can take to get him back. You can stay part of his life in a casual way hopping to become boyfriend and girlfriend again.

But, if you are ready to move on, there are a number of steps you can take to reach closure. Closure is the process where you recognize that the relationship is over and you start to heal.

Perhaps the first thing you should do is communicate your hurt. There are several ways to do this:

· Talk to friends and family who are truly empathetic and can help you work through your feelings. A true friend will do this, but many of your so calle…