Break Up To Make Up - Can It Hold Up?

If your considering getting back together with your ex. Think about this, what made you do what you did, will give you a better understanding why you left in the first place: Break Up to Make Up - Can It Hold Up?  The break up may be just the first stage in getting back together with an ex.

If you had been dating for any length of time, you and your ex had a lot invested in the relationship.  You obviously loved and cared for each other.  But something went wrong and one of you decided to call it quits.  How you handle the relationship break up may have a lot to do with whether you can ever make up.

If you are the one initiating the break up, try to do it with love and compassion.  Whether you are truly calling it quits or just wanting a time out, remember that this is a person who has been important to you and you have a responsibility to take his or her feelings into account.

It’s generally best to tell the person that you want to break up in a public place.  That’s because people are less likely to embarrass themselves if others are around.  Also, don’t draw the break up out.  Just say your piece and leave.

Once you have broken up, leave the channels of communication open.  Be there for your ex when he or she needs you. 

Don’t play games with your ex.  Some people suggest dating their best friend or flaunting a new date on your ex, but consider that if you ever make up, these things are going to haunt your new relationship.

If you have found that you want to get back together with your ex, try the following:

· Tell them that you are interested!
· Be interesting yourself – take up new activities and make new friends!
· Try a new look – whether it is a new hair style or simply updating your clothing, your ex will notice.

Suggest that you meet your ex for lunch, drink or some other non-romantic activity.  During this time, you can bring up the positive memories you shared.  You can also emphasize any changes you have made in your life.

If your ex gives you any indication that he or she is willing to give it a second try, don’t assume that you can start right back where you left off.  Mesmerizer or Woo your boyfriend or girlfriend whatever.  Go out on romantic dates.  Start by holding hands, not jumping into the bed and start having sex. 

Also, give your relationship time to heal from the break up.  Don’t assume that your ex’s feelings wasn't hurt by the cooling off period.

A man and woman should always continue improving themselves.  Don’t fall into bad habits just because you’ve got your ex back.  Constantly strive to be the best boyfriend or girlfriend you can be.

I hope this bit of information was helpful to you in better understanding on how to make improvements in your life, after a – Break up to Make up Relationship.


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